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Edwards, J. – Treatise on Grace

This is a shorter work (3 chapters) by Jonathan Edwards (Puritan-Reformed) on Grace. He first distinguishes common and saving grace, and then shows where all saving grace summarily consists, and the shows how a principle of Grace is from the Spirit of God.

Cole Lectures in Biblical Theology

Cole, C.D. – Lectures in Biblical Theology of The New Testament

Lectures in Biblical Theology are a set of lectures by C.D. Cole about different major points in theology. Some of these are what is biblical theology, the kingdom of God, Salvation, God, man, prayer,  Death of Christ, Sin, salvation, Holy Spirit, etc.

Boettner, L. – Efficacious Grace

In this 8 chapter work by Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian), he examines common (that being enjoyed by all people). He first looks to the Westminster Confession’s teaching, then the necessity of change, the inward change done by supernatural power, the effect produced in the soul, the sufficienc of Christ’s work — evangelicalism, the Arminian view of Universal Grace, No violation of Man’s free agency, and common Grace.

Warfield, Benjamin B. – Power of God unto Salvation

The Power of God unto Salvation Contents I The Revelation of Man Heb_2:6-9 II The Saving Christ 1Ti_1:15 III The…