Category: Calvinism

Warfield, B.B.-Statement of Reformed Faith

Statement of Reformed Faithis a brief 1 chapter work with 13 points on what is “the Reformed Faith”.

Dabney, R.L. – The Five Points of Calvinism

Summary: In this work on Calvinism, Dabney investigates original sin, effectual calling, God’s election, particular redemption, and the perseverance of the saints. Dabney is presbyterian, and looks at Calvinism and the issues from a Presbyterian point of view.

Gill, John – The Cause of God and the Truth, Part 1-4

Cause of God and the Truth Four Volumes by John Gill defending the theological position of Calvinism.

Studies Scripture Pink

Pink, Arthur – The Attributes of God

A book on the attributes of God by Arthur Pink, Pink was Reformed Baptist. Decrees of God, Knowledge of God, Holiness, Power, Immutability, etc.

Boettner Reformed Faith

Boettner, L. – The Reformed Faith

In this 8 chapter work the Reformed Faith, Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian) presents the Reformed faith, basically Calvinism. His chapters are the sovereignty of God, man’s totally helpless condition, Christ’s atonement, God’s foreknowledge, the universalistic passages, the two systems contrasted, the five points of Arminianism, and the five points of Calvinism.