Warfield, Benjamin B. – Calvin and Calvinism

Warfield devoted a significant portion of his scholarly pursuits to the life and thought of John Calvin. Throughout his lifetime, Warfield remained an ardent defender of the Reformed faith, in part because Reformed theology represented an orthodox medium between the extremes of emotional revivalism on the one hand and domesticated liberal theology on the other. He believed that confessional Reformed theology could withstand contemporary criticism from both extremes, because Reformed confessions offered the clearest and most honest summary and application of Scripture. Warfield’s volume on Calvin and Calvinism begins with a lengthy biography of John Calvin, followed by chapters on Calvin’s doctrine of the knowledge of God, Calvin’s doctrine of God, and the doctrine of the Trinity. The volume concludes with two final chapters on Calvinism in general, and on the literary history of Calvin’s Institutes.

Warfield, Benjamin B - Calvin And Calvinism (wlue777)
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Author:Warfield, B.
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Date:May 20, 2016