Bowman, Hetty – Life, its Duties and Discipline

Those who have been awakened by the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit, to a sense of the solemn realities of life, and have been taught to consider themselves but as stewards of the grace committed to them — will count no hint unacceptable which may aid them in faithfully discharging their trust, however homely may be its dress, or humble the form in which it presents itself to their notice. And although it may be said that the subject has been already well near exhausted by the many who have written upon it, it is nevertheless true, that, without encroaching on ground already occupied, some corners are yet left whence another hand may gather up the “fragments that remain.”-Author

Bowman, Hetty - Life, Its Duties And Discipline (wlue777)
Bowman, Hetty - Life, Its Duties And Discipline (wlue777)
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