Hyles, Jack – How To Boost Your Church Attendance

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DateApril 14, 2018
AuthorJack Hyles
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How to Boost Your Church Attendance
by Jack Hyles

1. Practical Pointers for the Pastor and His People
2. How to Get People to Visit
3. How to Organize a Visitation Program
4. How to Win a Soul to Jesus
5. Our New Visitation Program (By Jim Lyons, Associate Pastor)
6. A Realistic Approach to an Evangelistic Preaching Service
7. Big Days and Special Occasions
Old-Fashioned Day
The Church’s Birthday
Back to School Day
Baby Day
Homecoming Day
Picture Taking Day
Record Breaking Day
Absentee Sunday
B-1 Sunday
Good Neighbor Sunday
Fruitful February
Vacation Bible School Sunday
Christmas Sunday
8. Suggestions on How to Promote Big Days
9. Some Practical Pointers Concerning the Sunday School
10. Training Union or Youth Group Suggestions
11. Vacation Bible School at Miller Road (By Jo Strickland, Pastor’s Secretary)
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