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Boettner Post Millennialism

In Boettner Post Millennialism this 15 chapter work, Boettner (Presbyterian) examines the doctrine of Postmillennialism. He begins with representative theologians, an introduction, a statement of the doctrine and a chapter on “Inadequate terminology”. He then presents us with another 10 chapters on issues is and around the doctrine, like the world is growing better, the millennium not a perfect or sinless state, the 1000 years as a symbolical figure, principles of interpretation, etc.

Boettner Unconditional Election

In Boettner Unconditional Election this 6 chapter work, Boettner (Reformed, Calvinist) examines election. This is the reformed-Calvinist view of election, that is, that it is unconditional. He first states the doctrine, and then reasons with proofs from Scripture and reason, and then examines faith and good works are the fruits and proof of election, not the basis of election, then he examines reprobation. In the final chapter he examines infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism.

Boettner Salvation by Grace

In this 5 chapter work on Salvation, Boettner examines the grace aspect of salvation looking at man not deserving of salvation, God’s pleasure to give or withhold, salvation isn’t earned, etc.

Brooks Jews and Passion for Palestine in the Light of Prophecy

In Brooks Jews and Passion for Palestine in the Light of Prophecy this 9 chapter work by Brooks, he looks at Jews and Prophecy.

Brown The Seven Myths of Denominationalism

Brown The Seven Myths of Denominationalism is an eight chapter work on “the Myths of Denominationalism” by Brown (Church of Christ). In actuality, the work is not so much against denominationalism as it is a positional statement of the Church of Christ on various matters that they see distinguishing them as being more biblical that other groups. It has some good and interesting material none-the-less, but it also has some very questionable propositions (i.e. “Myth3 We are saved by faith alone”).