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Books where the Author’s Last name begins with B

This library houses books in the format of “modules” which are used with the Free Bible Program, e-Sword. You can download the program from You must have the program installed before these modules will be useful to you. I am not actively supporting e-Sword because the free Bible program, theWord is better (downloaded from

Note that Rick Meyers has made a major shift in the formats between his version 8 and version 9. I believe it was to update the format from a straight Access database format (very old and dated) to a more modern SQL type database format. Anyway, you must convert e-Sword version 8 modules before they are readable in e-Sword versions 9 and up.

Currently, from what I see on, they are in version number 11. With version 11, again Rick (Baskin-Robins 31 flavors) Meyers has again changed the database format to html. As such, that means that all the previous e-Sword formats for modules will shortly become unreadable. Really people, think about this! His reason is so that poetry can be properly formatted in a module. theWord has had the same basic format since the beginning and you have always had poetry properly formats in theWord Bibles. What is wrong with e-Sword is the Rick doesn’t know how to program code I think. These changes destroy his users, and people who make modules for e-Sword are constantly throwing away all the work that they do for Rick. You should change over to theWord now.

So I am uploading these e-Sword format module files to this website. Note that there are other Bible programs out there, and a lot of them have conversion programs from e-Sword module format into other formats. This is the main reason I am hosting this website. Because of this, I am also adding e-Sword version 8 modules. I am not producing them, but I have them in my archives from way back when I was working in e-Sword. As such some of these e-Sword version 9 files do not convert (Bibles) so it is necessary to have the version 8 to convert them.

This website is basically dedicated to e-Sword Top and Ref file formats. I would also recommend that you visit which despite its name, I am using it for Bible modules for theWord, e-Sword, and MySword. I will put the Bibles for e-Sword there. I am also collecting all the commentaries of all formats on, and Dictionaries on The reason for my separating out these types of modules is because as the library grows larger and larger, the website cannot handle so many pages and downloads, and this forces me to have to pay for a more expensive dedicated hosting service, so the idea is to keep my costs down. Very few people donate to this effort so please consider a donation of any amount to help out with the financial burden of providing these files for free for YOU!