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Clarke Christian Courtship

Clarke Christian Courtship has been written to give young people some simple guidance concerning that period of preparation for marriage we call courtship. The aim is to show that courtship is not only a very thrilling experience but also a serious phase of life which may issue in either happiness or misery. Courtship, the writer teaches, is the foundation upon which marriage is built. Unless the foundation has been wisely laid the whole structure of marriage may fall into ruin.

The four short chapters entitled Friendship, Courtship, Betrothal, and Marriage, indicate the scope of the booklet. It is a word of advice, chiefly, to Christian young people, emphasizing the principles which should guide the Christian youth or maid in the choice of a life-partner. This is just the message that many parents, youth leaders, and ministers have been longing to put into the hands of young people for whose life-long happiness they yearn.

Cooper After the Flood

Cooper After the Flood explores mentions of the flood in European history and literature.

Cheung Vincent – Prayer and Revelation

Cheung Vincent – Prayer and Revelation is frank study on prayer, talking about the how to pray and reasoning behind prayer.

Chafer Satan

Chafer Satan Chafer surveys what the Bible teaches about Satan: the Career of Satan, this age and Satan’s control over the things of this age, the satanic system, the satanic host, Satan’s motive, Satan’s methods, “the man of sin”, the fatal omission, modern devices, and finally the believer’s present position and victory.

Expositor Bible Chadwick Exodus

Chadwick Expositor’s Bible Exodus

Chadwick’s commentary on Exodus is a thorough commentary on this Old Testament book of the Bible.