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Scofield, C.I. – Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit

In this short book Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit (5 chapters) by Scofield, he deals with the Holy Spirit, the Person of the Holy Spirit, what we see of the Holy Spirit before and after Pentecost, and the Filling of the Holy Spirit.

Scofield New Life in Christ Jesus

Scofield, C.I. – The New Life in Christ Jesus

C.I. Scofield (dispensationalist, Fundamentalist, brethren) wrote this 9 chapter book on the Christian’s new life in Christ. Chapters are the inner life, the imparted life, the tragedy of the inner life, the delivered life, the larger Christian life, the Spirit controlled life, the joyous life, the consecration, and the defilement and cleansing.

Sibbes, Richard – Inspirational Quotes

Quotes on subjects from Affliction to the Word of God  

Sibbes, Richard – Divine Meditations

Divine Meditations by Richard SibbesSubjects covered: Affliction Sanctified | Brotherly Love | Conformity to Christ Conscience | Conviction of Sin…

Spurgeon, Charles – Spurgeon Devotional

Quotes and extracts from sermons and articles of Spurgeon in devotion for every day of the year.   SpurgeonGG1 SpurgeonGG1.devx…