Miller, J.R. – Life’s Byways and Waysides

Life’s ByWays and Waysides

By J.R. Miller

PREFACE     These chapters are at the best only fragments of teaching. They have no close connection, except as they all touch life at some point, and have as their aim–the giving of uplift, cheer, encouragement, and hope. The first thing in true Christian living is to get acquainted with the Lord Jesus Christ and to enter into close relations of love, faith, and obedience with Him. Possibly there may be some words in these pages which will give to an earnest reader fresh glimpses of Christ, and make a little plainer the way of duty and the possibilities of elevated     Christian living. To help even one soul–out of the shadows into the light, out of sorrow into joy, out of weakness into strength, out of doubt into faith–will make the publication of this little book worthwhile!


1. Life’s Byways and Waysides

2. Unto His Nest Again

3. The Silent Christ

4. Tempted Like as We Are

5. The Greatest Love

6. Spices for Christ‘s Grave

7. The Everlasting Arms

8. The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

9. Great in God‘s Sight

10. Possibilities of Friendship

11. Praying for our Friends

12. Transforming Power of Prayer

13. Serving Our Generation

14. The Ministry of Suffering

15. Refuge from Strife of Tongues

16. Faithfulness

17. The Law of Use and Disuse

18. Prayer for Divine Searching

19. Remembering Christ’s Words

20. The Manliness of Jesus

21. The Living Christ

22. Friendships in Heaven

23. The Duty of Forgetting

24. Night, and Jesus Absent

25. Numbering Our Days

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Date:June 22, 2015