Flavel John – Keeping the Heart

Flavel John – Keeping the Heart is about how we ought to guard or keep our hearts from sin and give it over to God.

Cooper After the Flood

Cooper After the Flood explores mentions of the flood in European history and literature.

Cheung Vincent – Prayer and Revelation

Cheung Vincent – Prayer and Revelation is frank study on prayer, talking about the how to pray and reasoning behind prayer.

Chafer Satan

Chafer Satan Chafer surveys what the Bible teaches about Satan: the Career of Satan, this age and Satan’s control over the things of this age, the satanic system, the satanic host, Satan’s motive, Satan’s methods, “the man of sin”, the fatal omission, modern devices, and finally the believer’s present position and victory.

Fortner Life After Pentecost

Fortner Life After Pentecost is an 85 chapter commentary on Acts by Don Fortner (Baptist, Calvinist-Reformed). These are shorter doctrinal explanations and observations on the text. They are excellent.