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Darby Seven lectures on the Second Coming of our Lord

Darby, J.N. – Lectures on the Second Coming of Christ

In this 6 chapter work, Lectures on the Second Coming of Christ, by Brethren author John Nelson Darby, he examines key passages on the Second Coming, i.e. 1Thess 1, Eph 1, Revelation 12, Romans 11, Matthew 13, Dan 2:19-49, and chapter 7.

Kelly Isaac Character Study

Kelly, W. – Second Coming and Kingdom of the Lord

This module is composed of 9 studies by Kelly (Brethren) on the Second Coming and Kingdom of Christ. His chapters treat the Christian Hope and sure word of Prophecy, the Jews-Gentiles-Church of God in relation to the Coming of Christ, the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Appearing and kingdom, and the Lord’s Announcement of Gentile Judgments.

Jackson Teaching of Jesus

Jackson, G. – The Teaching of Jesus

In this 16 chapter work The Teaching of Jesus, Jackson presents us with themes which Christ regularly mentioned in his teachings: God, Himself, His own Death, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, Man, Sin, Righteousness, Money, etc.

Fortner, D.S. – Discovering Christ In Revelation

This is a 66 chapter commentary on Revelation by Don Fortner (Baptist, Reformed).


Boyce – Abstract of Systematic Theology

Abstract of Systematic Theology is a systematic theology studying the different Christian doctrines.