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Articles for the New Year

Articles from James Smith, J.R. Miller, Arthur Pink, etc… encouraging Christians how to act during the coming New Year!

Studies Scripture Pink

Pink, Arthur – Studies in the Scripture Devotional

Daily Readings from Arthur Pink’s Studies in the Scriptures Magazine(1932-1954). This is the first in the series called pink-studies1/dev

Studies Scripture Pink

Arthur Pink eSword Page

Arthur Pink studied in Moody Bible Institute.

Pink -Gleanings in the Godhead

Pinks work, Gleanings in the Godhead is about the Attributes of God. He looks at 45 elements he sees in the Godhead. Note that Pink is both Baptist and reformed.

Pink – Doctrinal Books and Articles

This work, Doctrinal Books and Articles, by Arthur Pink, is a compilation of 24 various of his works, both books and articles.