Tag: Person of Christ

Machen – Triune God

The Triune God is a paper by J. Gresham Machen (1 very long chapter) on why God is triune, which is a defense of the Trinity. Being Presbyterian, he uses the Shorter Catechism.

Dabney, R.L. – Christ Our Penal Substitute

In this 11 chapter work, Christ Our Penal Substitute, Dabney (Presbyterian) looks at the legal-judicial aspect of salvation, and Christ’s work on the cross as a penal substitute for us. His chapters are an explanation of the biblical doctrine and its teaching on punishment in general, and then seeks to answer objections to this doctrine.

Habershon, A.R. – The Study of the Types

The Study of the Types is an extensive study on types and typology in the Scriptures. Habershon investigates the different areas in which types are used, in the elements of things, places, characters, personages (Holy Spirit, Christ, Moses, Joseph). This is an excellent reference book on types for the serious Bible student.


Bounds, E.M. – The Ineffable Glory (Resurrection)

“The Resurrection, our future Glory”. Bounds (Deeper Life) is a 22 chaper work on the Resurrection, our future Glory. Bounds (Deeper Life) where Bounds discusses different aspects of the resurrection as it does and will affect us. Some topics: Whole man immortal, Death’s Realms invaded, Wesley’s Argument, our bodies changed instantaneously at the second coming.