Tag: Person of Christ

Mahan, Henry – Pictures of Christ in the Old Testament

PICTURES OF CHRIST IN THE OLD TESTAMENT Henry Mahan INDEX PAGE A Look At Man’s Fall — Genesis 3:1-21 Lesson…

Pink -Gleanings in the Godhead

Pinks work, Gleanings in the Godhead is about the Attributes of God. He looks at 45 elements he sees in the Godhead. Note that Pink is both Baptist and reformed.

Finney, C.G. – Guide to the Savior.

In this 6 chapter book, Finney (Deeper Life) examines holiness and Christ within us.

Meyer, F.B. – The Glorious Lord

This work by Pastor Meyer consists of reflection on God and the Christian Life. Basically there are considerations of the Person of God, how we are to be like Christ, and how we are to be different from the world.

Fortner, D.S. – Discovering Christ in the Gospel Of Mark©

Discovering Christ in the Gospel Of Mark is a 79 chapter commentary on Mark by Don Fortner (Baptist, Calvinist-Reformed).