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Kelly Minor Prophets

Kelly Minor Prophets A Discussion of the Books of the Minor Prophets by this Brethren writer.

William Kelly Joseph

Kelly Joseph

This is a character study on the Old Testament person of Joseph by W. Kelly, a Brethren author.

Kelly The New Testament Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Kelly, W. – New Testament Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

In this 11 chapter work New Testament Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by Kelly (Brethren), he treats the Holy Spirit in relation to New Birth, the wellspring of everlasting life, rivers of living water, the paraclete-comforter, receiving the Holy Spirit, the gift of the Spirit and His gifts, in the Spirit (indwelling), baptism, distinct character of the Spirit in Apocalypse, an habitation of God, and the doctrine (overview).

Kelly, William – Introductory Lectures on the Pentateuch

Introduction to the books of Genesis thru  Deuteronomy.

Kelly Isaac Character Study

Kelly, W. – Second Coming and Kingdom of the Lord

This module is composed of 9 studies by Kelly (Brethren) on the Second Coming and Kingdom of Christ. His chapters treat the Christian Hope and sure word of Prophecy, the Jews-Gentiles-Church of God in relation to the Coming of Christ, the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Appearing and kingdom, and the Lord’s Announcement of Gentile Judgments.