Author: DavidCox

Boettner Perseverance of the Saints

In Boettner Perseverance of the Saints7 chapter work on the perseverance of the Saints, Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian) first states the doctrine, the shows us why it doesn’t depend on good works but God’s grace, he examines the Christian’s temporary slide back into sin, how an outward profession of righteousness is no guarantee of salvation, the arminian sense of insecurity, and warnings against apostasy.

Boettner, L. – Limited Atonement

In this 9 chapter work, Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian) presents us with the doctrine of the limited atonement, i.e. Christ only died for the elect. He first states the doctrine, the examines the infinite value of Christ’s atonement, the limited purpose and application of the atonement, Christ’s work as a perfect fulfillment of the law, a ransom, the divine purpose, and the exclusion of the non-elect.

Boettner Calvinism in History

In Boettner Calvinism in History by Boettner (Reformed, Presbyterian) he traces out the history and progress of Calvinism.

Boa-How Accurate is the Bible?

Boa How Accurate is the Bible? is a single chapter work on the accuracy of the Bible by Kenneth Boa (Dallas Theological Seminary).

Dagg Water Baptism

Dagg Water Baptism is a 11 chapter work dealing with water baptism within the church by Dagg (Southern Baptist) theologian.