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Meyer Gospel of the King

Gospel of the King by Pastor Meyer is a selection of various thoughts about Christ and His message or Gospel.

Austin-Sparks, T. – The Mission, the Meaning and the Message of Jesus Christ

In this 11 chapter work, Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life) goes into the ministry of Christ in the NT books.

Strong, A.H. – A Tour of the Missions

In this 18 chapter book Tour of the Missions by Strong (Baptist) he gives us a diary of his missions trip in 1918 throughout the eastern Asian countries.

Hodge, Charles – Systematic Theology – Volume 1-3

Systematic Theology Volume 1-3 By Charles Hodge Volume I In this 19 chapter work, Hodge (Presbyterian) presents use with chapters…

Bing, C.C. – How to share the Gospel Clearly

How to share the Gospel Clearly is a single chapter sermon on the correct and incorrect approaches to presenting the Gospel.