Author: DavidCox

Cable Breaching the Barriers of Islam

This is a single chapter article by Cable ( on how to witness to people of the Islamic faith.

Byrum The value of a praying mother

Byrum The value of a praying mother is a fictional type work which is a story of a praying mother. (written by a woman)

lang atoning blood

Lang Atoning Blood – What it does, and What it does not Do

In this 13 chapter book by Lang (Brethren), he does an excellent study of the biblical concept of the atoning blood. He examines what the blood does, and what it doesn’t do,

Boardman The Higher Christian Life

William Edwin Boardman (Deeper Life Higher Christian Life) is known of one of the foundational leaders of the Deeper Life or Higher Life Movement which promoted holy living. Boardman marks a break away of this movement from being exclusively with the Methodist-Wesleyan group, and he led many others in this movement, like D.L. Moody. This is a foundation book in the beginning of this movement. It is in three parts: What it is, How it is attained, and Progress and Power.

Darby Hopes of the Church of God

Darby Hopes of the Church of God is a 11 chapter work on the Church by Brethren Darby