Author: DavidCox

James Russell Miller

Miller Refuge in Sorrow

Miller Refuge in Sorrow is a single chapter work about how we are to take refuge in God when those times of sorrow come into our lives.

Bellett King Saul

King Saul is a brief work of 5 chapters on King Saul (using passages in 1 Samuel).

Clowe Miracles of Jesus Christ

Miracles of Jesus Christ is a 39 chapter work on various miracles of Jesus (some would probably not be considered a miracle normally), in which the author presents questions and answers. This author may be a follower of Swedenborgism.

Gordon Ministry of the Holy Spirit

In this 10 chapter work on the Ministry of the Holy Spirit by Gordon (Baptist), he presents us with various studies on the Spirit. His chapters are: the Age-mission of the Spirit, the advent, naming, embodying, enduement, communion, administration, inspiration, conviction, and ascent of the Holy Spirit. This work also has page numbers referencing the original book, and a scripture and a general indices referencing the original pages. Gordon was a favorite speaker for D.L. Moody in the Northfield convention.

Ainsworth Percy – The Threshold Grace

Ainsworth Percy – The Threshold Grace is a work on 11 chapters from the Psalms on the topic of Grace. The Threshold Grace, The Habit of Faith, The One Thing Desirable, etc.