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Ironside, H.A. – “Except Ye Repent,”

In this 20 chapter work by Ironside (Brethren), he looks at repentance. Some of his topics are Its nature and importance, John’s Baptism, Christ’s Call to repentance, repentance in the ministry of Peter, of Paul, does God ever Repent?, etc.

Brooks, T. – A Cabinet of Choice Jewels

In this 7 chapter work by Brooks (Puritan), he has 18 special maxims and directions, infallible evidences of true saving grace, saving reprentance, how far a hypocrite cannot go, and directions and application.

Adam Clark Christian Theology

Clarke, Adam – Christian Theology

This Christian Theology by Adam Clark is a Systematic Theology work of 37 chapters/topics including Scriptures, God, Attributes of God, Prayer, Faith Repentance, Trinity, Regeneration, the Holy Spirit, etc.

Plumer, William S. – Theology for the People

Theology for the People is a systematic Theology from 1875. Plumer deals with the Word of God, Names and Titles of God, Attributes of God, the Trintiy, Creation, Providence, etc.