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Chapman, J.B. – Christian Living in the Modern World

In this 15 chapter work by Chapman (Nazarene), he presents us with thoughts on Christianity in the modern world. Some of his chapters are “Cheap religion”, an appaisal of Life’s values, Faith- overcoming principle, selfishness and unselfishness, vigilance the price of safety, Grace and good sense, Is God fair? etc.

Power of Surrendered Life

Chapman, J.W. – Kadesh-Barnea Power of a Surrendered Life

In this 12 chapter work (Power of a Surrendered Life) by Chapman (Nazarene), he uses the example of Israel at Kadesh-Barnea to illustrate principles from the Christian life.

Chapman, J.B. – The Divine Response

In this 11 chapter work by Chapman (Nazarene), he presents us with studies on communication with God, that is, that God answers our prayers.

Chapman Terminology of Holiness

Chapman, J.B. – The Terminology of Holiness

In this 5 chapter work by Chapman (Nazarene), he presents us with “the terminology of Holiness”, specifically, the terminology of Sin, of Redemption, of Salvation, and of the Christian State.

Chapman, J. – All Out for Souls

This is a single chapter work by Chapman on soulwinning.