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Nee, Watchman – Love Not The World

Preface The greater part of this book derives from a series of addresses on the subject of “the world” given…

Gill, J. – God’s Love

This is a 3 chapter work on God’s love, doctrines of God’s everlasting love, the love of God considered.

Harsha, David – Thoughts on the Love of Christ

Thoughts on the Love of Christ by David Harsha, 1856 Harsha, David – Thoughts On The Love Of Christ (wlue777)…

Warfield Biblical Doctrines

Warfield, Benjamin B. – Biblical Doctrines

In Warfield’s Biblical Doctrines, he presents us with some essential doctrines of the Bible, like Predestination (he is reformed of course), Person of Christ, Trinity, Spirit of God, etc.