Nee, Watchman – Love Not The World

Preface The greater part of this book derives from a series of addresses on the subject of “the world” given by Mr. Watchman Nee (Nee To-sheng) of Foochow to Christian believers in Shanghai city in the early period of the Sino-Japanese War. They are thus colored a little by the economic pressures of those days. … Read more

Warfield, Benjamin B. – Biblical Doctrines

Biblical Doctrines

Biblical Doctrines
By Benjamin Warfield

In Biblical_Doctrines B.B. Warfield reveals his mastery of such subjects as the doctrines of the Trinity, the Person and Work of Christ, Redemption and Faith. He covers the ground from the first essay, on Predestination, to the final one, on the Millennium, with the apparent case of the master craftsman. Although justly famed for his landmark defence of the divine inspiration and authority of Scripture, B.B. Warfield was a theologian with multiple interests.

Rigorous in his scholarship, Warfield also possessed a personal spirit and style reminiscent of John Calvin’s ideal of clarity and brevity. He had a highly refined ability to expound the truth to the mind in such a way that it arouses a distinctly religious response. In so doing he exemplifies the principle that all biblical theology ultimately leads to doxology.

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Warfield, Benjamin B - Biblical Doctrines (wlue777)
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The Foresight of Jesus
The Spirit of God in the Old Testament
The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity
The Person of Christ
“God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”
The Christ that Paul Preached
Jesus’ Mission, According to His own Testimont (Synoptics)
The New Testament Terminology of “Redemption”
“Redeemer” and “Redemption”
Christ Our Sacrifice
On the Biblical Notion of “Renewal”
The Biblical Doctrine of Faith
The Terminology of Love in the New Testament
The Prophecies of St. Paul
The Millennium and the Apocalypse
List of other articles on Biblical Doctrines

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Date:May 29, 2016