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Habershon, A.R. – The Study of the Types

The Study of the Types is an extensive study on types and typology in the Scriptures. Habershon investigates the different areas in which types are used, in the elements of things, places, characters, personages (Holy Spirit, Christ, Moses, Joseph). This is an excellent reference book on types for the serious Bible student.

MacDougall, J. – The Old Testament Parables

This is a rare book on the parables of the OT. These are for example the Ewe Lamb of David and Nathan, the Vineyard, the Woman of Tekoah, the king of the trees, the potter, the ploughman, etc.

Arnot Parables of Our Lord

Arnot, William – Parables of our Lord

Parables of our Lord by William Arnot is a book about the Parables that Jesus used in his teaching. He presents us with 30 of these parables with explanations.

Arthur Wheat or Tares

Arthur – Wheat or Tares?

Wheat or Tares? is a single chapter work by Timothy Shay Arthur.

Baylee The Mysteries of the Kingdom Parables

Baylee – The Mysteries of the Kingdom (Parables)

Mysteries of the Kingdom Parables By Baylee is a series of 12 chapters on the Kingdom Parables.