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Jackson Teaching of Jesus

Jackson, G. – The Teaching of Jesus

In this 16 chapter work The Teaching of Jesus, Jackson presents us with themes which Christ regularly mentioned in his teachings: God, Himself, His own Death, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, Man, Sin, Righteousness, Money, etc.


Carm – Evangelism

This is a 21 chapter work on evangelism which are taken from Carm.org’s site. They examine various issues in evangelism and evangelizing such as foundations, why?, the four spiritual laws, actually leading someone to Christ, Gospel tracts, and various chapters on how to witness.

Stanley, C. – Way the Lord hath Led Me

00c Contents Chapter 1. Nothing to read but the Bible. — Trying to Reform. — Conversion. — Need of Fellowship….

Booth Female Ministry

Booth, Catherine – Female Ministry

Female Ministry or Women’s Right to Preach the Gospel is a single chapter work on why women should be fully expected to preach and teach the gospel.