Denney, James Page

James Denney Page

This James Denney page has various works for download by this Scottish Theologian.

James Denney, DD (1856–1917) was a Scottish theologian and preacher. He is probably best known today for his defense of the doctrine of Penal Substitution. Denney James Page

James Denney Page

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Denney, James - The Death Of Christ
2.4 MiB

Author:Denney, James
Date:April 9, 2020

Toplady, Augustus Page

Toplady Augustus Page

Augustus Toplady

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Augustus Montague Toplady
Augustus Montague Toplady /ˈtɒpləˌdiː/ (4 November 1740 – 11 August 1778) was an Anglican cleric and hymn writer. He was a major Calvinist opponent of John Wesley. He is best remembered as the author of the hymn “Rock of Ages”. Three of his other hymns – “A Debtor to Mercy Alone”, “Deathless Principle, Arise” and “Object of My First Desire” – are still occasionally sung today.

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Toplady, Augustus - Works Volume 1-6
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Author:Toplady, Augustus
Date:March 21, 2020

Edersheim, Alfred Page

Alfred Edersheim (7 March 1825 – 16 March 1889) was a Jewish convert to Christianity and a Biblical scholar known especially for his book The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (1883).   Contents of Edersheim Works:(in one file) BH Bible History, Old Testament LT Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah SK Sketches … Read more