Tag: Prayer

Bounds, E.M. – Weapon of Prayer

The Weapon of Prayer is how prayer is used in spiritual battle against Satan and his armies by the child of God warring for the things of God.

Barnes, A. – A Manual of Prayer

Summary Manual of Prayer is a dictionary of various short and brief thoughts about prayer and related topics.

Jackson Teaching of Jesus

Jackson, G. – The Teaching of Jesus

In this 16 chapter work The Teaching of Jesus, Jackson presents us with themes which Christ regularly mentioned in his teachings: God, Himself, His own Death, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, Man, Sin, Righteousness, Money, etc.

Gordon Quiet Talks with World Winners

Gordon – Quiet Talks with World Winners

In Quiet Talks with World Winners by SD Gordon, he present us with various different victory elements in the Christian life, from Master’s Passion, to the Church, to the Holy Spirit, to Prayer.

Adam Clark Christian Theology

Clarke, Adam – Christian Theology

This Christian Theology by Adam Clark is a Systematic Theology work of 37 chapters/topics including Scriptures, God, Attributes of God, Prayer, Faith Repentance, Trinity, Regeneration, the Holy Spirit, etc.