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Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine is an anonymous Doctrines book by a Calvinistic author. It has 50 topics/chapters, and does a good treatment on these topics even if it is a briefer treatment. Each chapter has 10 points with a paragraph or two of comments on each point. Lots of verses.

Warfield, B.B. – Entire Sanctification

Entire Sanctification is a single chapter work on entire Sanctification

John Bunyan

Bunyan, John – A Caution to Stir up to Watch against Sin

Watch against Sin A poem that Bunyan wrote to guard our hearts against sin.

Alexander a System of Biblical Theology

Alexander W.L. – A System of Biblical Theology v1

System Biblical Theology is a systematic Theology that focuses on sin.

Jackson Teaching of Jesus

Jackson, G. – The Teaching of Jesus

In this 16 chapter work The Teaching of Jesus, Jackson presents us with themes which Christ regularly mentioned in his teachings: God, Himself, His own Death, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, Man, Sin, Righteousness, Money, etc.