Spurgeon-C-Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden

Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden
by Charles Spurgeon, 1883


While commenting upon the One Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm, I was brought into most intimate communion with Thomas Manton, who has discoursed upon that marvelous portion of Scripture with great fullness and power. His works occupy twenty-two volumes in the modern reprint — a mighty mountain of sound theology. They mostly consist of sermons — but what sermons! There is not a poor discourse in the whole collection: he is constantly excellent. Ministers who do not know Manton, need not wonder if they are themselves unknown.

Here, then, is a man whose figures will be sure to be usable by the earnest preacher who has forsworn the baubles of rhetoric, and aims at nothing but the benefit of his hearers. I thought it worth while to go through volume after volume, and mark the metaphors; and then I resolved to complete the task by culling all the best figures out of the whole of Manton’s works. Thus my clearing his house of all his pictures, and hanging them up in new frames of my own. I do not rob him, but I bless him by giving him another opportunity of speaking.

To make this little book more generally acceptable, I have thrown it into a somewhat devotional form, using Manton’s figures as texts for brief meditations: this I humbly hope may be found profitable for reading in the chamber of private worship.

The latter half of the work was composed in the gardens and olive-groves of Mentone, where I found it a pleasure to muse, and compose. How I wish that I could have flooded my sentences with the sunlight of that charming region! As it is, I have done my best to avoid dullness, and to aim at edification. If a single practical truth is the more clearly seen through my endeavors, I shall be grateful; and doubly so if others are helped to make their teaching more striking. Highly shall we be favored if the gracious Master shall accept our service, and grant us the consciousness of that acceptance; happier still if we may hope to hear him say, “Well done good an faithful servant!”

That all my readers may meet with so great a blessing is the earnest prayer of their grateful servant,
C.H. Spurgeon, Westwood, January, 1883.

Godet – Commentary on Luke, John, Romans, 1Co (9 vols)

Frédéric Louis Godet was one of the most influential and widely-cited conservative scholars from nineteenth century Europe. Godet made lasting contributions to New Testament scholarship, especially the debate over biblical inspiration.

Difficult verses are not bypassed or given minimal treatment as is the case in some modern commentaries. Instead, Godet faces each problem squarely and suggests an explicit solution. When dealing with an interpretation problem, Godet’s shows all viewpoints and gives reasons for accepting his view. The careful reader will understand the issues involved in each passage, regardless of whether the reader agrees with Godet’s conclusion. A good student will arrive at his own interpretation of the passage.

Wallace, F.E. – Cmtx on Revelation

Foy E. Wallace’s Commentary on Revelation
This commentary is a “must-read.”  It will challenge everything you think you know about Revelation, and it will also make a lot of sense.  Wallace shows from the Bible that the book of Revelation was written foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem and the rejection of physical Israel.  For more on Revelation, click here.

Truett, G.W. – A Quest for Souls

A Quest for Souls

by George W. Truett


This is a 24 chapter work on evangelism, including various other topics: Where is your faith? threefold secret of a great life, a Quest for Souls, preparation for meeting God, the tragedy of neglect, the cure for a troubled heart, the deadly danger of drifting, the doom of delay, the confession of sin, how to be saved, a promise for every day, etc. Continue reading

Zukeran, P. – Jehovah’s Witnesses: Witnessing to the Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Witnessing to the Witnesses

by Patrick Zukeran


This is a single chapter work by Zukeran (Probe.org) on understanding and responding to the Jehovah’s Witnesses false doctrine. It is a summary of key doctrinal issues, such as the resurrection of Christ, the Holy Spirit, and false prophecies, and prepares us to be more effective witnesses for Christ.

Younce, M. – A Biblical Examination of Baptism

A Biblical Examination of Baptism

By Pastor Dr. Max Younce
Copyright © 2008


In this 12 chapter work on Water Baptism by Pastor Max Younce, he examines many issues in baptism. First he deals with infant baptism, the baptism for salvation, who is to administer the ordinances of Baptism, the mode of baptism, was baptism prior to salvation, various baptisms in Scripture, baptism in its order, and several other chapters. Continue reading