Miller, J.R. – Making the Most of Life

Making the Most of Life

by J. R. Miller, 1891


Part 1

1. Making the Most of Life

2. Laid on God’s Altar

3. Christ’s Interest in Our Common Life

4. The Possibilities of Prayer

5. Getting Christ’s Touch

6. The Blessing of a Burden

7. Heart-peace Before Ministry

8. Moral Curvatures

9. Transfigured Lives

10. the Interpretation of Sorrow

11. Other People

12. The Blessing of Faithfulness

Part 2

13. Without Axe or Hammer

14. Doing Things for Christ

15. Helping and Over-helping

16. The Only One

17. Swiftness in Duty

18. The Shadows We Cast

19. The Meaning of Opportunities

20. The Sin of Ingratitude

21. Some Secrets of Happy Home Life

22. God’s Winter Plants

23. Unfinished Life-building

24. Iron Shoes for Rough Roads

25. The Shutting of Doors

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Spurgeon, C.H. – Advise for Seekers (wlue777)

Advice for Seekers


Charles H. Spurgeon
















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Spurgeon, C.H. – An All-Round Ministry

A wonderful collection of addresses to ministers and students. One of Spurgeon’s finest works.




Individuality, and Its Opposite

How to Meet the Evils of the Age

“A New Departure”

Light. Fire. Faith. Life. Love.

Strength in Weakness

What We Would Be


The Evils of the Present Time, and Our Object, Necessities, and Encouragements

The Preacher’s Power, and the Conditions of Obtaining It

The Minister in these Times

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Moody, D.L. – Secret Power

Secret Power

Or The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Work

by D.L. Moody

Chapter Content



Chapter II. POWER “IN” AND “UPON.”




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Miller, J.R. – Silent Times


Every true Christian life needs its daily “silent times,” when all shall be still, when the busy activity of other hours shall cease, and when the heart, in holy hush, shall commune with God. One of the greatest needs in Christian life in these days, is more devotion. Ours is not an age of prayer so much as an age of work. The tendency is to action rather than to worship; to busy toil rather than to quiet sitting at the Savior’s feet to commune with him. The key-note of our present Christian life is consecration, which is understood to mean dedication to active service. On every hand we are incited to work. Our zeal is stirred by every inspiring incentive. The calls to duty come to us from a thousand earnest voices.



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Miller, J.R. – Weekday Religion (wlue777)

In this book J.R. Miller pointed out that the Christian Life should not only be lived on Sunday but every day of the week!


Many of us think of Christianity as a system of doctrine and worship only—and too little as a life. The aim of this book is to show how doctrine should become life; how promises should be rod and staff in the climber’s hand; and how the Sunday-life should pour itself through all the week-days, making every hour bright with the radiance of heaven. It is dedicated to those who sincerely want to follow all the Scriptural precepts; and to realize in their own experience, all the joys, inspirations and comforts of true religion, and to fulfill in this world the meaning of life in all its splendor and possibility.



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Miller, J.R. – Practical Religion (wlue777)


This is not a volume of essays, but a collection of chapters written out of the author’s own experience, in the hope that they may do a little, at least, to make the path plainer for others. The book is all practical, without a line that is not intended to bear upon the actual life of the common days. It is not meant to show people an easy way of living—there is no easy way to live worthily—but it seeks to show why it is worth while to live earnestly, at whatever cost.



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Miller, J.R. – Treasures from J.R. Miller (wlue777)

This is a collection of select quotes from J.R. Miller, who wrote many books and articles.


It is not easy to be a  man!

Christ is more than a teacher. A teacher shows us lofty qualities and  attainments — and then leaves us in hopeless weakness in the dust. But Christ is  Helper, Friend, Savior — as well as Teacher. He shows us what true manliness is      — and then comes into our life and inspires us to strive after the things  which He commends; and then breathes His life into us to help us to be  what He teaches us to be.

It is not easy to be a man     — a true, noble,  Christlike man. It means continual struggle, for enemies of manliness  meet us at every step! Every inch of the way must be won in battle. It  means constant restraint and repression of sin — for the ‘old man’ in us must be  subdued and kept under control. It means constant, painful discipline — for the  powers of nature are evil and unruly, and hard to tame and control. It means  unending toil and self-denial — for we must climb ever upward, and the  way is steep and rugged, and SELF must be trampled to death under our feet as we rise to higher life! It is hard to be a true man — for all the odds seem  against us. But Christ lives, and He is Helper, Friend, and Guide — to every man  who truly receives Him as Lord and Master.




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Bunyan, John – The Life and Death of Mr. Badman

John Bunyan wrote 3 allegories of the Christian Life: Pilgrim Progress, the Holy War and The Life and Death of Mr. Badman. It was designed as a companion to The Pilgrim’s Progress and was published by Nathaniel Ponder. The two characters have a dialogue about sin and redemption over the course of a long day.



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Spurgeon, C.H. – Notable Quotes, Vol. 1-5

Five Volumes of Quotes taken from his many sermons.


“Prayer is the longing of the soul to hold communion with the Most High, the desire of the heart to obtain blessings at His hands.”—1895, Sermon #2433
“Philip was a searcher after Christ in the place where Christ loves to be—in the pages of Scripture—and you must be the same if you desire to find Jesus!”—1894, Sermon #2375


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Bonar, Horatius – Truth and Error (1846)

Book describing how to distinguishing truth from error.



01 General Principles

02 General Principles, continued

03 God’s Will and Man’s Will

04 Election

05 Predestination and Foreknowledge

06 The Work of Christ

07 Faith and Gospel

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Winslow, Octavius–Evening Thoughts(DCox)

A yearly devotional by Octavius Winslow for the evenings. This devx was created by David Cox. This file must be installed where the esword program is located.


January 1

“As your days, so shall your strength be.”


CHRISTIAN, consider this new epoch of time, unfold a new page of your yet unwritten history, with the full, unwavering conviction that God is faithful; that in all the negotiations, transactions, and events of the unknown future, in all the diversified and fluctuating phases of experience through which you may pass, it will be your mercy to do with Him of whom it is said, “It is impossible for God to lie.” Oh, take this precious truth into your heart, and it will shed a warm sunlight over all the landscape of your yet shadowy existence. “He abides faithful: He cannot deny Himself.” Standing yet within the solemn vestibule of this new and portentous year, could our fluttering hearts find repose in a more appropriate or sweeter truth than the Divine faithfulness of Him, “with whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning”? As a new period of time slowly rises from the depths of the unknown and mysterious future, shrink we from its stern and solemn duties, its bosomed sorrows, its deep and impenetrable decrees? Why shrink we? Infinite resources unveil their treasures upon its threshold. Christ’s atoning merits confront our vast demerit. Christ’s boundless grace confronts our deep necessities. Christ’s promised presence confronts our sad and gloomy loneliness. Jesus thus filled with grace so overflowing, with love so tender, with sympathy so exquisite, with power so illimitable, with resources so boundless, with a nature so changeless, stands before us and says to each trembling heart, “Fear not!” We commence a new march under his convoy.


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Winslow, Octavius–Morning Thoughts(DCox)

A One Year Devotional devx created by David Cox. Please put this file in the directory that has the E-Sword program

Excerpt January 1:

Reader! if you are a believer in the Lord Jesus, you will enter upon a new stage of your journey by a renewed surrender of yourself to the Lord. You will make the cross the starting-point of a fresh setting-out in the heavenly race. Oh, commence this year with a renewed application to the “blood of sprinkling.” There is vitality in that blood; and its fresh sprinkling on your conscience will be as a new impartation of spiritual life to your soul. Oh, to begin the year with a broken heart for sin, beneath the cross of Immanuel! looking through that cross to the heart of a loving, forgiving Father. Do not be anxious about the future; all that future God has provided for. “All my times are in Your hands.” “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” “Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain you.” Let it be a year of more spiritual advance. “Speak to the children of Israel that they go forward.” Forward in the path of duty- forward in the path of suffering- forward in the path of conflict- forward in the path of labor- and forward in the path to eternal rest and glory. Soon will that rest be reached, and that glory appear. This new year may be the jubilant year of your soul- the year of your release. Oh spirit-stirring, ecstatic thought- this year I may be in heaven!

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Philpot, J.C. – Daily Portions(DCox)

Another yearly devotional by J.C. Philpot!

January 1

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our  hearts unto wisdom.”–Psalm 90:12

Casting our eyes back upon the year now past and gone,     are there no mercies which claim a note of thankful praise? It is sweet to     see the Lord’s kind hand in providence, but sweeter far to view his     outstretched hand in grace. Are we then so unwatchful or so unmindful of the     Lord’s gracious hand in his various dealings with our soul as to view the     whole past twelve months as a dead blank in which we have never seen his     face, nor heard his voice, nor felt his power? “Have I been a wilderness     unto Israel? a land of darkness?” (Jer 2:31,) the Lord tenderly asks. Has he     been such to us also for twelve long and weary months? Continue reading

Philpot, J.C. – Zion’s Wayfarers(DCox)

This is a year’s devotional in a devx file by J.C. Philpot. This file must be place on the hard drive where the E-Sword program is located. This file was created by David Cox and original document found at


January 1    

“Hold up my goings in your paths, that my footsteps slip     not.” Psalm 17:5

Without scrupulously or superstitiously observing “days,     and months, and times, and years,” few of us altogether pass by so marked an     epoch as the dawning of another year upon our path without some     acknowledgment of it both to God and man. When we open our eyes on the first     morning of the year, we almost instinctively say, “This is New-year’s day.”     Nor is this, at least this should not be, all the notice we take, all the     acknowledgment we make of that opening year of which we may not see the      close. Continue reading

Philpot, J.C. – Pearls from Philpot (wlue777)

There are some 300 quotes from 11 volumes from the works of J.C. Philpot.



“Then Jesus said, “Come to Me, all of you
who are weary and carry heavy       burdens,
and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

The Lord’s purpose in laying burdens upon
us is to weary us out. We cannot learn       our
religion in any other way. We cannot learn
it from the Bible, nor from the experience of
others. It must be a personal work, wrought
in the heart of each; and we must be brought,
all of us, if ever we are to find rest in Christ,
to be absolutely wearied out of sin and self,
and to have no righteousness, goodness, or
holiness of our own. Continue reading

Philpot, J.C. – New Year Addresses (wlue777)


A selected list of sermons given on New Years Day from 1851-1869


Those, however, who live not for time but for eternity,     not to sin and self but to Christ and his glory, whose hearts are made     tender in the fear of God, whose conversation is in heaven, and whose     affections are set upon things above, while they continually feel the flight     of time, yet seem on certain occasions more peculiarly to realize the solemn     fact that they are “strangers and pilgrims on the earth,” runners whose race     will soon be run, sojourners whose place will before long know them no more. Continue reading

Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in the Godhead

Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in the Godhead


1. The Solitariness of God
2. The Decrees of God
3. The Knowledge of God
4. The Foreknowledge of God
5. The Supremacy of God
6. The Sovereignty of God
7. The Immutability of God
8. The Holiness of God
9. The Power of God
10. The Faithfulness of God
11. The Lovingkindness of God
12. The Goodness of God Continue reading

Pink, Arthur – A Fourfold Salvation

A Fourfold Salvation by A.W. Pink

Salvation is not only been saved from our past (to go to hell) nut enables us to live a victorious Christian Life today and in the future be with the Lord.


1. Salvation from the Pleasure of Sin
2. Salvation from the Penalty of Sin
3. Salvation from the Power of Sin
4. Salvation from the Presence of Sin
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Continue reading

Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus

This is an excellent  commentary on the book of Exodus.


1. Introduction
2. Israel in Bondage
3. The Early Days of Moses
4. Moses at the Burning Bush
5. Moses Called and His Response
6. The Significance of the Signs
7. Lessons in Service
8. Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh
9. Jehovah’s Covenant
10. The Hardened Heart Continue reading

Law, Henry – The Gospel in Genesis

The Gospel in GENESIS
by Henry Law

This is a 24 chapter work on the Gospel in Genesis, touching on the promise of Jesus the Savior illustrated on the lives of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.


The Heavenly Bridegroom
The Seed of the Woman
The Serpent’s Head Bruised
The Guilty Clothed
The More Excellent Sacrifice
The Consolation
The Ark
The Altar
The Sweet Savor Continue reading

Law, Henry – The Gospel in Numbers

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is found in the people, places and things in this book.


The Numbered People
The Camp
The Nazarite
The Threefold Blessing
The Silver Trumpets
The Invitation
The Rising and the Resting
Grapes of Eshcol
The Budded Rod
The Red Heifer
The Brazen Serpent
Jacob’s Star and Israel’s Scepter
The Refuge
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Law, Henry – The Gospel in Leviticus

The Gospel in LEVITICUS
by Henry Law

The Gospel is seen in the Offerings, the Feasts, etc.


The Burnt Offering
The Grain Offering
The Peace Offering
The Sin Offering
The Guilt Offering
The Accepted Offering
The Strange Fire
Clean and Unclean
The Childbirth
The Plague of Leprosy
The Cleansing of the Leper
The Scapegoat Holy Blood
The Sabbath
The Sheaf of the First Fruits
The Drink Offering
The Feast of Pentecost
The Feast of Trumpets
The Feast of Tabernacles
The Jubilee
The Kinsman
The Blessing and the Curse
The Summary
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Law, Henry – Meditations on Ephesians


By Henry Law, 1884

Ephesians 1:1—14. Spiritual Blessings in Christ
Ephesians 1:15—23. Thanksgiving and Prayer
Ephesians 2:1—10. Dead in Sin—Alive in Christ
Ephesians 2:11—22. One in Christ
Ephesians 3:1—13. Paul, the Preacher to the Gentiles
Ephesians 3:14—21. Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians

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Law, Henry – Spiritual Fears

SPIRITUAL FEARS By Henry Law 1873.

This is a single chapter work by Henry Law on Spiritual Fears. He investigates what we as children of God share, and our doubts and fears.

When Israel left Egypt, not a hoof might be left behind.     Exod. 10:26. The ark stood still in Jordan, until the entire host had passed     the stream. The promise provides that all God’s children shall safely reach     their home. Christ and His members make one body. If but one member perish,     Christ is no longer whole. Christ incomplete is an impossibility. Believer,     realize these solid truths. The covenant, which secures salvation to     Christ’s seed, includes each member. The portion in Paradise is doubtless     more happy, but the militants on earth are equally secure. Cling to Christ,     and He will bring you to be with Him where He is.

If fears be thus prone to enter, diligence should bar the     portals of the heart against them. The tremblers are weak. Satan knows this     and strives to despoil us of our strength. Awake to his stratagems, and     vigilantly resist. Continue reading

Law, Henry – Fear of Death (wlue777)

This is a single chapter work by Law on Death. Module created by wlue777


Here let God’s voice alone be heard, and mortal lips be     silent. Heed the welcome, “Come you blessed of My Father, inherit the     kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”–Matt. 25:34.     “Enter into the joy of your Lord.”–Matt. 25:21.

Mark some of the DELIGHTS;–“In Your presence is fullness     of joy–at Your right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”–Ps. 16:11.     “The Lamb, who is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead     them unto living fountains of waters–and God shall wipe away all tears from     their eyes.”–Rev. 7:17. “The city had no need of the sun, neither of the     moon to shine in it–for the glory of God lights it–and the Lamb is the     light thereof.”–Rev. 21:23. Continue reading

Law, Henry – Cordials in Temporal Troubles

This is a single chapter work by Henry Law.


Such a conclusion would be a fallacy. Their precious     privileges bring not such immunity. It is forever true–“Many are the     afflictions of the righteous.” “We must through much tribulation enter into     the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22.

But yet, there is a grand, happy, glorious distinction.     They are sorrowful, yet always rejoicing. In their lowest depths they sing.     In all their trials they rejoice. In all afflictions they give thanks.     Troubles thicken, but consolations more than abound. Their heart of sorrow     is a heart of joy. Continue reading

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Pink, Arthur – The Attributes of God

by A.W. Pink


1. The Solitariness of God
2. The Decrees of God
3. The Knowledge of God
4. The Foreknowledge of God
5. The Supremacy of God
6. The Sovereignty of God
7. The Immutability of God
8. The Holiness of God
9. The Power of God
10. The Faithfulness of God
11. The Goodness of God
12. The Patience of God
13. The Grace of God
14. The Mercy of God
15. The Love of God
16. The Wrath of God
17. The Contemplation of God

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Moule – Outlines in Christian Doctrine

Chapter 1. Introductory

Chapter 2. The Doctrine of God

Chapter 3. The Doctrine of the Father

Chapter 4. The Doctrine of Christ

Chapter 5. The Doctrine of Christ (Continued)

Chapter 6. The Work of Christ

Chapter 7. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 8. The Doctrine of Man

Chapter 9. The Doctrine of the Church

Chapter 10. The Doctrine of the Ministry

Chapter 11. The Doctrine of the Sacraments


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