Category: Author Biography

Chapman Wilbur Personal Touch

Chapman, J. Wilbur – Personal Touch is a work of Biblical Illustrations by Wilbur Chapman.

John Bunyan

Bunyan, John – Grace Abounding

Grace Abounding To the Chief of Sinners is John Bunyan’s spiritual autobiography. In it he tells of his conversion and struggle with faith.

Meyer Voices of Human Need and Sorrow

Voices of Human Need and Sorrow is a series of personal accounts from Pastor Meyer and his ministry.

Augustine of Hippo-The Confessions of Saint Augustine

The most popular work of the man who more than any other shaped western civilization.  The first 10     chapters constitute a…

Bustin, G.T. – My First Fifty Years

In this 21 chapter biography of the life of Bustin, My First Fifty Years he examines various events of his life.