Category: Soteriology

Boettner Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

Boettner Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination is a 28 chapter on the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Calvinist Loraine Boettner.

Plumer Assurance of Grace and Salvation

Plumer Assurance of Grace and Salvation is about how to obtain grace from God as well as salvation, what it is, how to attain it, and why m

Dabney, R.L. – Repentance

Summary of this article: This is a chapter (55) out of Dabney’s book, Systematic and Polemic Theology, which deals with repentance. He deals with the different kinds of repentance, legal versus evangelical repentance, the author of repentance, whether it precedes or follows regeneration, and what is its relationship with faith and repentance. Finally, is repentance atoning?

Dennett The Everlasting Way

Dennett, E. – The Everlasting Way is a work on salvation.

Boettner Unconditional Election

In Boettner Unconditional Election this 6 chapter work, Boettner (Reformed, Calvinist) examines election. This is the reformed-Calvinist view of election, that is, that it is unconditional. He first states the doctrine, and then reasons with proofs from Scripture and reason, and then examines faith and good works are the fruits and proof of election, not the basis of election, then he examines reprobation. In the final chapter he examines infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism.