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Hodge, Charles – Systematic Theology – Volume 1-3

Systematic Theology Volume 1-3 By Charles Hodge Volume I In this 19 chapter work, Hodge (Presbyterian) presents use with chapters…

Scofield Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Scofield, C.I. – Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

First published in 1896, is a monumental work that explains the important divisions in scripture. Scofield (of Scofield Reference Bible fame) presents a dispensational viewpoint framework for interpreting the Bible.

Jackson Teaching of Jesus

Jackson, G. – The Teaching of Jesus

In this 16 chapter work The Teaching of Jesus, Jackson presents us with themes which Christ regularly mentioned in his teachings: God, Himself, His own Death, the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God, Man, Sin, Righteousness, Money, etc.

Moore Living Pulpit

Moore – Living Pulpit of the Christian Church

Living Pulpit of the Christian Church is a collection of 28 sermons by those who were at the time still alive and preaching (hence the title, “The Living Pulpit…”).  Unfortunately, one of the authors passed away while the book was being prepared.  Each sermon is preceded by a biographical sketch of the preacher.  The biographical sketches are interesting in and of themselves, because you have quotes like this (bold font mine):

Adam Clark Christian Theology

Clarke, Adam – Christian Theology

This Christian Theology by Adam Clark is a Systematic Theology work of 37 chapters/topics including Scriptures, God, Attributes of God, Prayer, Faith Repentance, Trinity, Regeneration, the Holy Spirit, etc.