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Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine is an anonymous Doctrines book by a Calvinistic author. It has 50 topics/chapters, and does a good treatment on these topics even if it is a briefer treatment. Each chapter has 10 points with a paragraph or two of comments on each point. Lots of verses.

Kuhn-Christs Three Days in Hell

This is a 12 chapter work By Kuhn (Theosophy) on Christ’s experience of “descending into hell”. Chapters run Through Death to Life, “He descended into hell”, Harrowing of hell, Allegory becomes history, Moses also descends, confusion worse confounded, Is hades under the earth? Drama in the underworld, Tree and the Cross, the Oil of Gladness, the gnostic position, and the truth of mythology.

Pink, Arthur – Eternal Punishment

Eternal Punishment

Hodge, Charles – Systematic Theology – Volume 1-3

Systematic Theology Volume 1-3 By Charles Hodge Volume I In this 19 chapter work, Hodge (Presbyterian) presents use with chapters…

Moody, D.L. – Hell

This is a single chaper sermon module by Moody.