WatchTower Society- Hebraic Roots Bible (Evaluation only)

Hebraic Roots Bible


“Here for the very first time is a literal translation of the scriptures with the sacred name of Yahweh and Yahshua, restored and preserved. Did you know in every bible translation including the King James Bible that our Heavenly Father’s personal name Yahweh has been taken out and replaced with titles and even names of pagan deities more than 10,000 times?

This complete bible also has the New Testament based on the original Aramaic Peshitta text, the very language that our Savior spoke. The original New Testament was not written in Greek, but Aramaic. This is a literal translation and we believe to be the closest bible to the original language that was written thousands of years ago; The Old Testament is from the original Hebrew manuscripts and the NT from the original Aramaic.” Read more

Evaluation of Hebraic Roots Bible

This is a new version from the WatchTower Society (the Jehovah’s Witnesses). I normally don’t put a whole lot of material by them on my website, but those working with them might find this useful. The regular New World version has questions about whether it is copyrighted or not. This one IS COPYRIGHTED, but allowed and offered on their own site.

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Institute for Scripture Research-The Scriptures Bible Version (Evaluation only)

The Scriptures Bible Version

We have restored the name of the Father and his Messiah while also preserving the Hebraic mind-set of the original writers, to the best of our ability. In so doing we hope that it will shed further light on the understanding of the message of the Scriptures, thereby spiritually enriching the lives of its readers. Such a translation would be subject to on-going revision, as the ISR continues its quest to make it more and more accurate. read more

About Us

The Institute for Scripture Research was registered in South Africa by Dr. C.J. Koster along with 7 other board members as a non-profit Section 21 company for the purpose of fulfilling the expressed mission and vision of the ISR.

As chairman of the board Dr. Koster gave all rights to all his research and his book “Come Out Of Her My People” (originally entitled “The Final Reformation”, 1986) to the Institute for Scripture Research. This book is still available from the ISR in English, Afrikaans and Spanish.

The ISR published its first edition of “The Scriptures” in 1993. Our desire was that The Scriptures should be distributed freely and that it would be supported by donations from those who believed in the work.

Stocks of the original edition were quickly depleted, but sad to say, insufficient donations were received for the reprinting. That would have been the end of the ISR right there, and the hard work of Dr. Koster and all involved with him in producing this translation would have been in vain. This vital work of the ISR simply had to be kept alive, along with the vision of Dr. Koster to continue improving the translation.

After much anguish of heart Dr. Koster together with the rest of the board decided that rather than consigning the translation to the scrap heap of history, they would have to approach matters differently. They took a decision that while the ISR was to be an organization that did not exist for the profit of any persons, it may be necessary to charge a price for “The Scriptures”, as well as the other publications, with any profits being ploughed back into the work of the ISR. This way the work could go on and perhaps even expand, thus fulfilling the ISR’s original vision of spreading this vital Word as far as possible. read more

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