Eastburn Consolation for the Suffering Saints

Eastburn, Manton – Choice Consolation for the Suffering Saints is a work about our suffering as the children of God. It is to console us.

PREFACE The compiler of the following pages, long trained in the school of affliction, has learned, through a fellowship in suffering, to feel the deepest sympathy for “all those who in this transitory life are afflicted or distressed in mind, body, or estate.” The power to express that sympathy by ministering in person at the couch of sickness, or in the house of the mourner, being denied to her, through physical weakness — she sends forth this book in the earnest hope it may reach and comfort many dear children of God who may be “for a season in heaviness through manifold trials.” May the Lord send home its words of strong faith and “lofty cheer” with much power and sweetness to many, many sorrowing hearts. Courstesy gracegems.org

Eastburn, Manton - Choice Consolation For The Suffering Saints (kotg)
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Author:Eatburn, M.
Date:August 8, 2016