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Thomas Goodwin

Goodwin, T – Works Of Thomas Goodwin

Thomas Goodwin, known as ‘the Elder’, was an English Puritan theologian and preacher, and an important leader of religious Independents. Thomas Goodwin served as chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, and was imposed by Parliament as President of Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1650. Christopher Hill places Goodwin in the “main stream of Puritan thought”.

Boettner Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

Boettner Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination is a 28 chapter on the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Calvinist Loraine Boettner.

Boettner Unconditional Election

In Boettner Unconditional Election this 6 chapter work, Boettner (Reformed, Calvinist) examines election. This is the reformed-Calvinist view of election, that is, that it is unconditional. He first states the doctrine, and then reasons with proofs from Scripture and reason, and then examines faith and good works are the fruits and proof of election, not the basis of election, then he examines reprobation. In the final chapter he examines infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism.

Pink, Arthur – The Doctrine of Election

The Doctrine of Election

Zanchius, Jerome – Absolute Predestination

Absolute Predestination By Jerome Zanchius Zanchius, Jerome – Absolute Predestination (wlue777) Zanchius-Jerome-Absolute-Predestination-wlue777.topx 0.4 MiB 87 Downloads Details Author:Zanchius, J. Category:Topx-z…